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        Oct 05, 2023
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        Fall Cleaning Checklist

        Oct 01, 2023
        Ah, yes. It’s that time of the year again! Get out your cleaning supplies, ‘cause it’s time for that fall deep clea ...
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        Fun Times: The Community Laundry Room

        Sep 12, 2023
        I can hear you groaning in agony at the painful words: Apartment Laundry Room!!! I hear ya. First of all, can I hav ...
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        Keep Raccoons Away!

        Jul 06, 2023
        You can’t blame the raccoon for his antics. He sees your property, with its delicious vegetable garden and tr ...
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        Energy Free Home Cooling

        Jul 05, 2023
        The Midwest may have harsh winters, but at least it has got brutally hot and humid summers to make up for them. Eve ...
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        Guide to Paint Colors

        May 01, 2023
        Spring is rapidly approaching, and so too is the home renovation season. For Midwesterners who are starved for colo ...
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