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Garden Level Living

Ah yes … the garden-level woes can sometimes hit when you are not getting enough light in your home because … well, you’re living in the basement. Sometimes it’s drab, dark, and can be uninviting. It’s got its perks though – very few stairs and no one below you. But it can also be a bummer to have smaller windows than every other apartment …

Child Proofing


Congrats on your baby! I really hope you enjoyed sleeping – it might be months before you get to do that again. And you think I am joking… Sigh. I wish I were. Now that your sweet little muffin has arrived, you’ll need to start childproofing before your babe starts crawling, climbing, and walking – aka getting into absolutely everything that appears to be …

Understanding Your Lease

It’s time to sign the lease and there is one less thing to worry about with your impending move – right on! If you don’t understand something in your lease at the time of signing, ask questions. Ask lots of them. This is a binding contract, guys. Your Name and Birthdate Not all leases will have your birthdate on it, but if it does, …

Pesky Parking Predicaments? You Need to Strategize

Ugh! Parking. This has to be right up there near the top of the list of “Not Your Favorite Topic” topics. Am I right? Depending on where you live, and the parking amenities available or not, the level of nightmare this has reached for you may range from just a royal pain to something that gives you anxiety on a daily basis. If you …

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